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Promote long-term economic sustainability and ensure service continuity with optimized assurance, oversight, and risk management.

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Be accountable to your mission and your citizens.

Local governments are increasingly pressured to do more with less in rapidly changing environments. It’s essential to provide timely insights that drive informed decisions. Whether you’re a small county or a large city, ACL’s GRC platform is designed to automate and streamline all of your risk, audit, and performance management processes.

Explore how we can make your job easier.

Workpapers and analytics

Workpapers and analytics

With our 30 years of global analytics dominance and our modern workpapers solution, you can optimize your audits and increase your internal audit team efficiency and collaboration. Break free from sampling with fully integrated audit analytics and provide career-changing insights.

Financial Controls

Financial control monitoring

Gain valuable insights into your operating expenses and easily monitor procurement, payroll, purchase/fuel cards, financial stress indicators, and more. Use our GRC platform to keep a close watch for fraud, waste, and abuse, and automate the remediation of any red flags so that you can focus your time on operational excellence.

Controls Oversight

Contracts oversight

Mitigate your contractor risks. Streamline your assurance, compliance, and monitoring activities in one intuitive platform. Monitor and assess vendor performance and procurement to protect your reputational integrity.

Whistleblower Hotline

Whistleblower hotline

Build an anonymous web hotline where employees, clients, contractors, and vendors can safely report suspicious behavior—and automatically escalate, assign, and notify.

Enterprise risk management

Enterprise risk management

ACL’s intuitive and collaborative ERM software allows you to efficiently and effectively meet your ERM responsibilities and enhance your agency’s ability to manage entity-wide risks to accomplish your mission and strategic objectives.

Grant Compliance

Grants oversight

With constantly changing statutes, regulations, and terms and conditions of the award, we know it’s hard to keep up, exposing you to the risk of inadequate internal controls. We’ll keep you up-to-date with the OMB’s latest requirements, so that you can easily manage and report on applicable requirements and always be compliant.

Access pre-loaded content for regulations, standards, and frameworks

Rely on ACL’s Government Content Suite for government-specific regulatory updates, frameworks, standards, metrics, and best practices. The content library, which is researched and curated by ACL, ensures you’re always up-to-date and includes:

  • OMB A-133 and Uniform Guidance requirements
  • NIST requirements
  • improper payments analytics
  • and more.

More than 700 local and state governments worldwide use ACL to quantify risk, stamp out fraud, and optimize performance

“I needed something I could get up and running quickly with a very small staff. My solution was ACL GRC and I also bought ACL Analytics, of course. And life has changed significantly since that time.”

Carlos Holt

City Auditor, City of Gainesville

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