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Communiqué de presse

Communiqués de presse

ACL nommée dans la liste des meilleurs employeurs de petite et moyenne taille du Canada pour la cinquième année consécutive

ACL, l'une des entreprises de technologie les plus en vue au Canada, a été choisie pour la cinquième année consécutive parmi les meilleurs employeurs de petite et moyenne taille du Canada. Ce classement, qui est géré par The Globe and Mail, est attribué aux petites et moyennes entreprises (PME) qui offrent les meilleurs lieux de travail du pays et des politiques de ressources humaines novatrices.

ACL nommée parmi les sociétés les mieux gérées du Canada

ACL, l'une des plus importantes entreprises dans le secteur des logiciels au Canada, a été reconnue pour ses performances globales et sa croissance soutenue en figurant dans la liste des sociétés les mieux gérées du Canada.

Laurie Schultz d'ACL nommée dans le palmarès des femmes les plus puissantes du Canada pour la troisième année consécutive

Laurie Schultz, PDG d'ACL, a été reconnue aujourd'hui pour la troisième année consécutive par le Women’s Executive Network (WXN) comme vainqueur du classement des femmes les plus puissantes du Canada : 100 premiers prix. Laurie Schultz est à la tête de l'éditeur de logiciels ACL, dont le siège social est situé à Vancouver et que dirige Laurie Schultz, se spécialise dans les solutions de gouvernance, de gestion des risques et de conformité.

Couverture média

Couverture média

The Globe and Mail

CEOs need to be invested in their employees’ careers

Having engaged employees at work is a clear sign of a high-functioning organization. Employee engagement goes beyond workplace morale and culture.

Bank Beat

Data analytics, baseball and competing like the bigs

We’re a little more than halfway through the 2018 Major League Baseball season. And for many banks we’re about halfway through the fiscal year.

Vancouver Sun

Laurie Schultz: Transforming corporate culture to be purpose-driven

Culture in the workplace isn’t tangible. It can’t be touched or seen, but it’s the most important aspect to fostering a team of diverse talent.

eSecurity Planet

Top 10 Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Vendors (May 3, 2018)

ACL GRC: GRC Vendor Overview and Insight (May 3, 2018)

American Express

Risk Management Planning: 5 risks businesses may face

Different industries and companies have different types of risks. But, according to risk management planning experts, those risks are typically in the following five distinct categories. (May 3, 2018)


Financial Performance Hacks: Reducing Fraud, Error & Compliance Failures

Part 1 (May 1, 2018) | Part 2 (May 1, 2018)

Corporate Board Member

How Boards Can Sharpen Their Fraud Detection Strategy

Following a rash of cyberattacks on some of the world’s biggest brands, cybersecurity has become a major priority for corporate board members, catapulting to the top of the agenda.

Accounting Today

ACL wins awards for strategy, compliance and audit

ACL, which provides software to address risk, fraud and performance, has won three awards recognizing... (Accounting Today, April 11, 2018)

American Banker

Could blockchain tech help prevent bank fraud?

A massive fraud that cost India's second-largest bank at least $2 billion is highlighting concerns about vulnerabilities in institutions' internal controls... (American Banker, March 18, 2018)


Why the Most Important part of Successfully Converting to SaaS is Communication

In any size company, tough decisions have to be made in order to stay at the forefront of the market. (Techvibes, February 2, 2018)

Risk & Insurance

Gear Up for Social Media Battles

In this increasingly technologically advanced world, it seems that no one is immune from the reaches of social media.... (Risk & Insurance, February, 2018)


Trends That Will Shape Vancouver’s Tech Landscape in 2018

Momentum in Vancouver’s tech scene is creating a forward-thinking economy filled with new jobs, high-tech solutions, and opportunities never seen... (Techvibes, January 18, 2018)

Richmond News

B.C. students and tech companies to benefit from tech-programming expansion

An additional 2,900 additional tech-related spaces at public post-secondary institutions will be open to students in Richmond... (Richmond News, January 16, 2018)

Radical Compliance

Compliance Jobs Report

ACL, one of the big names in audit and analytics software, just closed a $50 million round of investment — the first outside investment ACL has ever taken. (Radical Compliance, December 22, 2017)


Private Equity Deals

ACL, a Vancouver-based provider of governance, risk management, and compliance SaaS, has raised US$50 million in minority equity funding from Norwest Equity Partners. (Axios, December 20, 2017)


Term Sheet — Wednesday, December 20

ACL, a Canada-based SaaS provider helping governments and companies quantify risk, raised $50 million in funding. Norwest led the round. (Fortune, December 20, 2017)

Enterprise IT Startup ACL Closes $50 Million

ACL, a producer of audit and risk management technology solutions, acquired $50 million in financing from Norwest Venture Partners. (, December 20, 2017)

Canada Business Chief

ACL secures $50mn in funding from Norwest

Fraud detection software startup ACL has revealed that it has secured $50mn in funding from Silicon Valley venture capital firm, Norwest. (Canada Business Chief, December 20, 2017)

Top Breaking News

Vancouver-Based ACL Lands $50m VC Investment From Silicon Valley’s Norwest

ACL Services Ltd. is taking a $50-million investment from an American venture capital firm to fund its growth. (Top Breaking News, December 20, 2017)

The Globe and Mail

Anti-fraud Software Star ACL Taps Silicon Valley for Funding

Membership required to view. (Globe and Mail, December 19, 2017)

The Globe and Mail

Streetwise: ACL Taps Silicon Valley for Funding

Membership required to view. (Globe and Mail, December 19, 2017)

BC Technology

ACL Closes Major $50 Million Strategic Investment from Norwest for Category Consolidation Vision

ACL today announced that it has accepted a $50 million strategic minority investment led by the growth equity team at Norwest. (BC Technology, December 19, 2017)


ACL Receives $50M Strategic Investment from Norwest

ACL, a Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada-based provider of SaaS platform for governments and large companies to quantify risk, stamp out fraud, and optimize performance, raised a $50m strategic minority investment. (, December 19, 2017)

Private Capital Journal

ACL Services secures $50M growth funding from Norwest

ACL Services Ltd. has secured a $50 million strategic minority investment from Norwest. (Private Capital Journal, December 19, 2017)

PE Hub Network

ACL snags $50 mln from Norwest

ACL, an audit management provider, has secured $50 million in funding. The investor was Norwest. (The PE Hub Network, December 19, 2017)

The Wall Street Journal

Norwest Leads $50 Million Investment in ACL

Membership required to view article. (Wall Street Journal, December 19, 2017)


Vancouver-Based ACL Announces $50 Million Strategic Investment from Norwest

Vancouver-based ACL has received a $50 million strategic minority investment led by the growth equity team at Silicon Valley-based Norwest. (Betakit, December 19, 2017)

BC Business

Vancouver tech company lands big deal with Silicon Valley investment firm

ACL accepts $50-million strategic investment from Norwest Venture Partners (BC Business, December 19, 2017)

Canadian Tech News

ACL Secures $50 Million Investment From Norwest

ACL has announced the company has received a $50 million strategic minority investment led by the growth equity team at Norwest. (Canadian Tech News, December 19, 2017)


ACL Secures $50 Million Investment from Norwest

ACL has announced the company has received a $50 million strategic minority investment led by the growth equity team at Norwest. (Techvibes, December 19, 2017)

Daily Hive

Vancouver-based tech company ACL receives $50 million investment from Silicon Valley firm

Vancouver tech company ACL has received a $50-million “strategic investment” from a Silicon Valley firm, the company announced today. (Daily Hive, December 19, 2017)

Business in Vancouver

Vancouver-based ACL lands $50m VC investment from Silicon Valley’s Norwest

ACL Services Ltd. is taking a $50-million investment from an American venture capital firm to fund its growth. (Business in Vancouver, December 19, 2017)

Corporate Compliance Insights

ACL Accelerates Category Consolidation with $50M Strategic Investment from Norwest

Worldwide governance software provider ACL announced this morning a $50 million investment from growth equity firm Norwest. (Corporate Compliance Insights, December 19, 2017)

Office Snapshots

Office Snapshots: ACL Services Offices – Vancouver

SSDG Interiors designed the offices for software technology company ACL Services, located in Vancouver, Canada. (Office Snapshots, December 13, 2017)

Corporate Compliance Insights

The Many Ways of Deception – Not Just through Banks

Anti-money laundering measures are heavily weighted toward the financial sector, but most criminals have figured this out, and are turning to alternative—and often highly creative—ways to “legitimize” funds. (Corporate Compliance Insights, December 13, 2017)

Payments Source

Despite the blockchain, cryptocurrencies still carry fraud risk

Cryptocurrencies, in theory, should be fraud-proof. But that did not stop two Canadians from creating a new cryptocurrency to defraud millions from investors, according to the SEC. (Payments Source, December 11, 2017)

Business in Vancouver

Forty under 40 winner 2017: Dan Zitting, Chief product officer, ACL Services, Age 36

Business in Vancouver profiles ACL’s own Dan Zitting as one of the Top 40 under 40 up-and-coming young business leaders in Vancouver. (Business in Vancouver, December 5, 2017)

Financial Executives Daily

Reducing the Risk of Fraud in Financial Systems

The risk of fraud should be considered when designing controls throughout financial and business processes – however, there are several reasons to look beyond the traditional approaches to preventing and detecting fraud. (Daily Financial Executives, November 28, 2017)

BC Business

Opinion: How to turn stress into strength with an antifragile mindset

The term antifragile gained popularity after Nassim Nicholas Taleb published the book Antifragility: Things That Gain From Disorder in 2012. Taleb explored the impact of stress and how it sometimes creates favourable situations. (BC Business, November 28, 2017)


Simple Fraud Analytics in Accounts Payable

There is a lot of talk about Artificial Intelligent (AI) and unstructured data and how this will identify fraud and make life easier for financial monitoring, internal control and audit. (David Coderre, CAATS President, November 23, 2017)


Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women Revealed

The Women’s Executive Network released its annual list of Canada’s Most Powerful Women this week and recognized some notable names in the country’s technology industry. (Techvibes, November 23, 2017)

GRC and Fraud Software Journal

ACL Platform brings constant monitoring to risk management teams

With a nod to International Fraud Awareness Week, ACL’s Fall ‘17 software release is designed to bring complete data automation to enterprise governance and risk management. (GRC & Fraud Software Journal, November 21, 2017)


Elevating Vancouver’s Tech Scene Through Mentorship

With Amazon’s announcement of a new office to be established in Vancouver and another 1,000 open jobs to fill, the conversation around our city becoming a technology hub on a global scale has been reignited. (Techvibes, November 21, 2017)

Roundhouse Radio

How businesses can build cultures that last, while meeting their talent needs

Kathy Enros, vice-president of talent at Vancouver software company ACL, joins Business In Vancouver to share how businesses can build cultures that last, while meeting their talent needs. (Roundhouse Radio, November 15, 2017)

GRC and Fraud Software Journal

Seven dangers of document-based auditing

In the audit profession, when information gets trapped inside documents and spreadsheets, it effectively becomes “dark data”: impossible to search, reference, analyze, export, report on or access on mobile devices. (GRC & Fraud Software Journal, November 7, 2017)

BC Business

12 B.C. companies make Canada’s Top 100 Employers

Canada’s Top 100 Employers, an editorial competition that recognizes the best workplaces in the country, has released its 18th annual list, including ACL Services Ltd. (BC Business, November 7, 2017)

Option Finance

L’ambition du FP&A en utilisant l’analyse de big data est de prédire l’avenir

Keith Bailey, Directeur financier de l’éditeur de logiciels ACL, constate que l’utilisation des big data offre aux équipes financières et aux organisations pour lesquelles elles travaillent un avantage compétitif significatif par rapport à leurs concurrents, mais demeure ambitieuse pour la plupart. (Option Finance, 30 octobre 2017)

Open Gov Asia

EXCLUSIVE – Cloud adoption in government and using data analytics to improve internal audit processes

Government delegates from the Philippines, together with invited international and local speakers, had a wide-ranging discussion on the adoption of cloud, application of data analytics and related challenges at OpenGov’s Breakfast Insight session. (Open Gov Asia, October 23, 2017)

University of Alberta

The Corner Office View: Laurie Schultz of ACL

Under Laurie Schultz’s direction, ACL went from selling niche risk-management software to offering a full menu of governance, audit analytics and compliance software in a subscription and cloud-based service. Schultz discussed with UAlberta Business the making of a “re-startup” company and the importance of “anti-fragility.” (UAlberta Business Magazine, Fall 2017)

Des Moines Register

Lottery scam mastermind: I warned officials about a gaming glitch 11 years ago. Now it’s back.

The mastermind behind a national lottery scam says he warned officials about a glitch in computer-generated drawings 11 years ago, but “nobody seemed too worried,” his lawyer revealed in an exclusive interview. (Des Moines Register, October 14, 2017)

HR Director New Zealand

Office manager admits $100K theft

Dan Zitting, a former auditor with Ernst and Young, says it’s not uncommon for employers to underestimate the risk of fraud. (Human Resources Director, New Zealand, October 9, 2017)

Huffington Post

Moms Who Lead In The Workplace Raise Empowered Daughters

While women often struggle with the many roles they lead in, the reality is that for many working moms career and motherhood intertwine. (Huffington Post, September 29, 2017)

Business in Vancouver

Business in Vancouver’s 2017 Forty under 40 winners announced

ACL's own Dan Zitting is among those listed as being honoured as up-and-coming young business leaders in Vancouver. (Business in Vancouver, September 14, 2017)

Business in Vancouver

For the Record: Technology Updates

Anthony Fernandez and Stephen Thurley have joined ACL, a Vancouver-based software provider helping governments and large companies quantify risk, eradicate fraud and optimize performance, as director of data-driven GRC consulting and managing director of the Asia-Pacific region, respectively. (Business in Vancouver, September 12, 2017)

Business in Vancouver

Strategies Female Leaders Should Leverage

Laurie Schultz contributed to Business in Vancouver for an article discussing how some qualities women try so hard to suppress at work can actually give them a competitive edge. (Business in Vancouver, September 12, 2017)

Internal Auditor

The data analytics strategy

Adding analytics to the audit methodology requires careful change management. Read this interview with ACL’s Sergiu Certautan and TeamMate Analytics’ Stefan Davis on the key components of an effective data analytics strategy, how to strengthen risk assessments and the audit plan with analytics, and what CAEs need to know before jumping in. (Internal Auditor, August 2017)

American City and County

How to detect and mitigate fraud

Fraud risk is prevalent in all areas of the public sector. It’s found in agencies at the federal, state and local government levels, with some variation. An ACL survey on fraud found that less than 30 percent of anti-fraud recommendations are fully acted upon by government agencies. (American City & Country, August 16, 2017)


ACL Vancouver’s Remarkable Redesign

ACL CEO Laurie Schultz had a desire to reinvent the company - to transform it into what they call a “re-startup”: Embracing the energy and fresh ideas of a traditional startup but without the anxiety that comes with it. (Techvibes, July 6, 2017)


ANALYSIS: WannaCry attack shows trend toward ‘economic’ cyber threats, rising regulatory risk

The cyber attack last month known as the WannaCry ransomware incident did little damage to U.S. financial firms but it sent a warning shot for the securities industry and its regulators. (Reuters, June 22, 2017)

Canadian Underwriter

Canadian and U.S. government agencies underperform on fraud detection and reporting, study finds

Government agencies in Canada and the United States performed significantly worse than the business sector on fraud detection and mitigation, according to a new survey from risk management software provider ACL. (Canadian Underwriter, June 14, 2017)

Corporate Compliance Insights

Manage Enterprise Risk like and Orchestra Conductor

John Verver, trusted strategic advisor to ACL, recently contributed his expertise on Corporate Compliance Insights on how to effectively manage enterprise risk like an orchestra conductor. (Corporate Compliance Insights, May 31, 2017)


How Internal Auditors Can Gain Data Analytics Experience

Internal auditors with data analytics experience are in high demand among leading companies and can earn a premium over internal auditors without data analytics capabilities and can also winning plum assignments and greater influence in internal audit departments that are eager to infuse their audits with more analytics. (MISTI, May 19, 2017)

Financial Executives International Daily

Understanding Your Fraud Risk Accurately

In a Q&A with FEI Daily, ACL CPO Dan Zitting discusses how executives are not always honest with themselves, or employees, about the true fraud risk their organizations face. (Financial Executives International, May 9, 2017)

Human Resources Director

HR underestimating fraud risk

Dan Zitting, chief product officer, ACL, discusses the potential dangers organizations can face when they underestimate the risk of fraud. While policy and financial controls are great first steps, it’s really data analytics as the third tier of protection that makes the biggest impact when battling fraud. (HRM Online, May 2, 2017)